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Custom/Value-Added Services
From Concept to production through end-of-life


Each application comes with its own set of unique requirements.  This is why Kaga Electronics provides a number of services including modified standards, value-added and fully custom solutions to satisfy the “not so” standard applications.  Designs can be accomplished utilizing an “existing platform” to shorten design time and cost; or starting from a “blank canvas”.   Please let us know how we can help you.


Modified Standards - The Simpler Solution 

Almost……. but not quite what you need!!!   Allow us to make simple modifications to our standard units to provide exactly what you want.    These modifications can consist of a simple voltage deviation, output connector change, or upgrading components to improve performance.  Modifications can be done during manufacturing or from off- the-shelf stock when possible.   Please note that these changes typically do not affect the safety markings for the unit.





Often you may require add-ons such as cables assemblies, sheet metal or enclosing the power supply.    Depending on your needs, we can work with local vendors to coordinate and implement the required changes or we can incorporate the changes at our manufacturing facilities.  Kaga Electronics will even work with your existing proven vendors to coordinate your work if you desire.




Customs- Starting from “scratch”

Kaga Electronics offers custom design services from concept through production.  Design and production can be accomplished either locally or at one of our factories in Japan or China; depending on your needs.  The process has checks and balances throughout the design process:  from providing proto-types for testing, system verification and through production.  Compliance testing can be coordinated through Kaga Electronics as well.   Our goal is to provide you a cost effective solution minimizing NRE and initial startup costs.